Let’s Talk About: TBR

Hello book-dragons! Today I’m going to talk about the TBR. *dramatic music* Yes, that is right I am tackling the ever growing and never ending monster which is the To Be Read pile (or mountain in my case) of books that we as readers tell ourselves that we are “eventually” going to read. In this blog … Continue reading Let’s Talk About: TBR


How Do I Deal With Reading Slumps?

The short answer for this is: I don’t really deal with it. For the sake of this post however I’m going to actually write about what I personally do when I am in a reading slump, such as the one I’m in right now. Reading slumps, I should think, are fairly common amongst any sort … Continue reading How Do I Deal With Reading Slumps?

Let’s Talk About – Book Reviewing

Something that is always on my mind every time I write a book review is, “How long should it be?” Quickly followed by should I write a detailed and complex review exploring the writing techniques or whatever in the books. Thoughts in that same line just pop up all the time in my mind and … Continue reading Let’s Talk About – Book Reviewing