WWW Wednesday #3 | I Read Graphic Novels Too!

Hello, book-dragons! Another month, another week, another day, another post. This month has started really really good for me in terms of reading which is really really bad for my class work… All my major assessments are due in the next couple of weeks and… books are distracting… help. WWW Wednesday is a meme hosted … Continue reading WWW Wednesday #3 | I Read Graphic Novels Too!


Unpopular Opinion ~ YA Edition

Hello, book-dragons! I’m going to talk about unpopular opinion today specifically towards some fairly popular (? mainstream?) young adult books. I am not telling you not to read these books or that you shouldn’t like, enjoy, love or be obsessed with these books. NOT AT ALL. I am merely telling my honest opinions on them. … Continue reading Unpopular Opinion ~ YA Edition

Would You Rather Tag

I'm back from my short unexplained disappearance! I didn't have anything planned for this week at all but I wanted to post something so I found a tag... I do have some posts that I've been working on which I can't wait to share but I have to finish them first! Would you rather… Read … Continue reading Would You Rather Tag

WWW Wednesday #2 (or the weekly meme that saved me from not posting anything at all)

Hello, book-dragons! As you can tell by the title I was reaching for blog post ideas. It’s my semester break right now but I am pouring everything into this one major assignment I have and I have no brain power for anything else (it is killing me). However, as mentioned before I will make sure … Continue reading WWW Wednesday #2 (or the weekly meme that saved me from not posting anything at all)

Get To Know Me Tag

Hello, book-dragons! I have never professed to being great at book blogging (blogging in general). However, you know you’re starting out bad when you haven’t technically introduced yourself at the very beginning of your blog or at all... So I googled introduvtion tags on and I found the Book Blogger Get To Know Me tag … Continue reading Get To Know Me Tag

WWW Wednesday| Sep. 13 2017

Hello, book-dragons! It is Wednesday here in my quiet corner of the world and I recently found the WWW Wednesday meme hosted by Sam @Taking on a World of Words. It is a weekly meme where you answer the following W questions: What are you currently reading? What did you recently finish reading? What do you … Continue reading WWW Wednesday| Sep. 13 2017

Let’s Talk About: TBR

Hello book-dragons! Today I’m going to talk about the TBR. *dramatic music* Yes, that is right I am tackling the ever growing and never ending monster which is the To Be Read pile (or mountain in my case) of books that we as readers tell ourselves that we are “eventually” going to read. In this blog … Continue reading Let’s Talk About: TBR

Haul & Wrap Up| July & August

I am back if you couldn’t tell by the book review I posted recently. I was out for a long time because of exams and then I went on a month-long vacation (I might make a short post about this, maybe). Whoop!! Sadly back to reality, I must go. I’ve just gotten back recently and I … Continue reading Haul & Wrap Up| July & August

What Am I Looking Forward To?

It’s easy to say that life has been pretty full on and stressful for a while now. Which is why I haven’t written anything for my blog in months. But I’ve found a miraculous extra 5 minutes of free time (I’m exaggerating, it’s more like 10 minutes) where I don’t feel like sleeping in order … Continue reading What Am I Looking Forward To?

Thursday Talks | Anime 101

Thursday Talks is a feature I came up with where on Thursdays I discuss anything. Be it books, authors, artists, controversy and etc. I enjoy telling people about the things I like or find interesting or just topics that get me fired up. So on Thursdays I'll write about a topic that I want to … Continue reading Thursday Talks | Anime 101