A little bit about me…

My name is Eve and I am 19 years young. It was in a small town public library in Australia that I found my love for reading but ever since childhood I have loved stories. Especially, fairytales! I was introduced to the Rondo series written by Emily Rodda which was AMAZING and that was how it started. From there I just hit it off with books. Mostly I read YA and Fantasy/ Fiction because of my infinite love for anything magical and imaginary (also dragons) but I have read books of varying genres. Although, I struggle with biographies and I highly dislike the horror genre. Another love of my life is movies! Probably fantasy is my favourite but crime and action are also close behind. Some of my favourites would be the Lord of The Rings movies, Remember The Titans, the Die Hard movies, Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Train to Busan, Doukyuusei, and Stardust.

Facts about me:

  • I love the cold seasons
  • I love Disney, Pixar, Barbie and Studio Ghibli movies
  • I also watch anime and read manga and light novels
  • DO NOT ask me about Carrie by Stephen King (it still gives me nightmares…)


The book synopsis’ and book covers are all taken from Goodreads unless I’ve stated otherwise. Be warned that there may be spoilers in my book reviews. I review and blog as a hobby and do it without monetary compensation. If I do I will mention it on the post or review.

My Rating System:

DNF (Did Not Finish) – it seems unfair to place a rating on a book that I did not finish so…

ic-star1 star – I don’t like it 

ic-staric-star2 stars – Meh, there were some parts I liked

ic-staric-staric-star3 stars – I enjoyed it

ic-staric-staric-staric-star4 stars – I loved it but I had some problems with it

ic-staric-staric-staric-staric-star5 stars – WOW! Absolutely blown away!! Automatic favourite (T.T)


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Also, if you have any recommendations for movies, books, anime, and manga. Please tell me here and I will check them out! 😀 Thanks for stopping by and maybe I’ll see you around?! 

I’ll see you next time I remember to post! ❤


Come join me flail and scream about books!

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