How Do I Deal With Reading Slumps?

The short answer for this is: I don’t really deal with it. For the sake of this post however I’m going to actually write about what I personally do when I am in a reading slump, such as the one I’m in right now.

Reading slumps, I should think, are fairly common amongst any sort of readers whether you read for leisure and fun or for work or for your classes. There will be a time in your life where the act of reading feels like a chore or reading is not as enjoyable as it used to be or everything you read just doesn’t click with you and you just don’t enjoy any book. Reading slumps can any of those and many more depending on the person. Take me for example right now during my reading slump I am unable to read any new books because I just can’t get into it. It doesn’t matter if it is a book that I’ve been dying to read (eg. Howl’s Moving Castle by Diane Wynne Jones) or something completely new to me because nothing clicks and I can’t connect and eventually I drop the book. I like to think that we’ve all had these moments in our life (mine has lasted several months actually so I’m not sure if moments is the correct word…). So, below are the things I personally do during my own reading slumps.

Read my Favourite books

The first  and most common thing I do for all my reading slumps is read my favourite books. Reading is very important to me and sometimes having these reading slumps means not being able to read which sucks honestly. So I am glad that in my past reading slumps and right now I have been able to enjoy reading books I’ve loved and enjoyed so that I never actually go through time where I am not reading anything. This really helps me because I can re-establish the reason/s why I enjoy reading so much and during a reading slump that is something I require plenty of.

Buy new books

You might be wondering or asking yourself “Evee, why would you buy new books when you said you can’t read new books during your reading slumps?” My answer is I don’t just buy any books I buy books from my favourite authors. Books that I’ve read in the past and really enjoyed. Sometimes I do buy books that other people have recommended and have raved about to me personally or just on the internet. I don’t know if this actually helps with my reading slumps but I always, ALWAYS, do it so it’s here.

Try to read said newly bought books

Here is perhaps the helpful part of buying all those books. I try to read them and the results are usually mixed and if not a little predictable. If I read books that I have previously read in the past and enjoyed, even just the littlest bit, I am able to finish it and enjoy the book and the act of reading it. If I am reading something completely new, you guessed it, I just end up dropping it and giving up because nothing connects and reading the book is like a slow and torturous trek towards a horrible and hot place, for me that is. Usually this is what pulls me out of reading slump. When I read something new, finish it and actually enjoy reading it then I know I’m somehow in the clear of my reading slump.

Read other things

During my reading slumps, I’ve found it useful to read other things. For example, for me I like to read up about mythology, past civilisations or about the dinosaurs and anything that is usually not what I would read about for leisure. In the past this has helped me by igniting my passion to read anything and it has gotten me out of reading slumps successfully! The benefits of this goes beyond getting out of a slump though it also helps learn new and interesting things which end up broadening my reading range which is always a good thing!

Talk about books to other people

Lastly, I talk about books with other people. Being surrounded by like-minded people who share the same interests and passions is such a great feeling and I’ve found that just by talking to people about reading it can bring back my enthusiasm about reading and bring me out of a reading slump, sometimes. It doesn’t work every time, unfortunately, but it is always such a fun thing to do, whether you have a reading slump or not. Plus, meeting and talking to fellow booknerds or bibliophiles is always a wonderful thing.

Does anyone have any other tips or tricks on how to get out of a reading slump? What do you do when you can’t enjoy reading? Comment below to help a booknerd out!


Any Thoughts??

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