My bad first experience of Audiobooks.

On July 22, 2015 I went to my local library and found the audiobook that I had wanted to borrow. This audiobook is my first audiobook EVER. I thought it would be a good idea to start with a book I liked. That way I won’t have trouble getting into it. So I borrowed the 3 book set of the In Death series by JD Robb, it contained Portrait in Death, Imitation in Death and Divided in Death. All titles that I had read and enjoyed before. Again I thought since I loved the books the audiobooks wouldn’t be such a big stretch. Sadly I was very much mistaken.The following five points, promptly ruined any other chances of me EVER borrowing or buying or trying to to listen to another audiobook EVER AGAIN.

 The emotions weren’t expressed properly

  • Maybe I’m being nit picky but goddamit. They or she did it all wrong! Where a character should have shouted it was just a slightly raised voice. Maybe they do this for a reason. Or maybe this is just because the voice lady was terrible at her job. But it bugged me. It bugged me a lot. It more than bugged me it frustrated me. I was pulling at my hair and talking to the CD player, telling the lady how I imagined it should be. Of course I knew the audiobook was recorded therefore the lady couldn’t change how she does it much less hear my advice.

 The voices are wrong

  • I am ashamed to say that I spent quite a bit of time laughing while I listened to the audiobook. Not because of the story but because of the voices. Roarke has too much of the Irish lilt in his normal speech. It’s only when he gets really worked up or emotional that the Irish comes out. Peabody sounds like a man. McNab sounds stoned. Eve sounds like a, a… I don’t know what but it sounds wrong!!! Just wrong! She doesn’t sound as kick-ass or menacing when she is threatening to cut someone’s balls and shove down their throat. Which BTW is about 40% the reason why I read the series, Eve’s kick-assery (not a word I know but I don’t really care).

It messes with my own imagination

  • Just as the voices and the emotions expressed were wrong, of course this is entirely my own opinion. It just clashed completely with what I had in my mind. The mere act of hearing someone else reading a book to me just ruins my own image. Maybe it’s because I’ve already read the book but it just messed with my head and trust me I don’t need more of that…

It doesn’t engage me the same way a book does

  • Despite spending half my time laughing to the voices I wasn’t really engaged. Although I really did love Portrait in Death all those annoying little bits just wouldn’t go away and just messed with my mind. I didn’t think I would have a problem with this but thinking about it now I should have realised that this wouldn’t go down well. During English class where the ENTIRE class has to read the same book together, where you cannot read ahead and someone reads out loud. I always, ALWAYS, read ahead because the pace that everybody else is reading at is either to slow or I re-read the entire book again because I finished the book in the week it was given and everyone else was still on Chapter 5… So technically, I wasn’t listening to someone read the book to me but reading the book myself.

 It skips parts

  • I can forgive the four points above but this. This ended it. It blew the entire operation and ruined its chances of redemption. As I said at the start I love this books and I know them. I know them enough to realise when parts of the story is being skipped. Not just sentences or dialogues either but entire paragraphs. If you don’t believe me, you should because I checked. I spent quite a bit of time listening and reading Portrait in Death to find parts they skipped and checking if I was correct in my assumptions, which I was. This is probably why it would have been best if a started with an entirely new book. Portrait in Death is hands down one of my favourites of the series. This is because of the wonderful glimpse of the main characters personal life and further growth in their marriage and love. Too bad they skipped that entire part in the audiobook. God I was so mad. I almost threw something, mainly the CD holder which was in my hand.

Am I the only one in this? What are your opinions on Audiobooks?


10 thoughts on “My bad first experience of Audiobooks.

    1. The leaving bits out really got to me. I’m not sure if the same is true for other audio books but this one really got to me. It didn’t really ruin the series as such as it ruined audio books for me.
      Thanks for commenting! It means a lot 😀


  1. I actually am on the middle ground with audiobooks. I do think the voices can make or break the narrative, though, and by the looks of things, I might have to stay away from the In Death narrations. That said, I’ve had a few good experiences with some of the audiobooks I’d listened to. Gaiman narrating his own novels is always excellent, I’ve only listened to Zusak’s The Book Thief, and the voice actor was awesome there, too. I’ve also had bad experiences with voices, so again, it’s hit or miss.

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    1. Compared to my last point, I can deal with the voices. I think it is probably best that I don’t try any other audio books right now though. Maybe in the future. Maybe. Although I am glad to know that they didn’t ruin The Book Thief, well in your opinion so I’m trusting you, because that is another favourite of mine. If Gaiman narrated his own novels does that mean he voiced Startdust? Oh the temptation!
      Thank you for commenting! ❤

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      1. Oh yes! Gaiman narrated Stardust. I’ve listened to him co-narrating American Gods and loved it. But yes, I think it’s also a matter of getting lucky with audiobook picks, since I’m so picky with them.

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          1. Also on another note, should you try another audiobook in the future, make sure the thing specifically states that it’s unabridged. I’m not sure if the In Death narratives were abridged or unabridged or said nothing, but it’s safer to go for the unabridged versions.

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