Wrap Up

The-Wrath-and-the-Dawn-315x473What I Readuntitled

  • The Wrath and The Dawn
  • Saint Anything
  • The Start of Me and You
  • The Fill-In Boyfriend

What I’m Looking Forward To: (Link to my previous post)kSHDvf

  • The Rose and The Daggeriouksdgiasg
  • The Fate of Ten
  • Devoted in Death
  • The Last Star
  • The Sword of Summer
  • Carry On
  • Manners and Mutiny

What I Want to ReadUprooted

  • More Happy Than Not
  • Darker Shade of Magic
  • The Bone Clocks
  • The Hidden Huntress
  • Uprooted
  • The Singular & Extraordinary Tale of Mirror and Goliath
  • Crazy Rich Asians
  • The Opposite of Loneliness

Books I’ve Bought

  • Uprooted
  • Stardust
  • The Last Leaves Falling
  • Love Tanya

Upcoming Post Ideas

{Please note that none of these are set in stone. These are blog ideas in my head and may not necessarily mean that all the following will be posted. Emphasis on IDEAS.}

  • Review: The Start of Me and You
  • Book vs Movie (Howl’s Moving Castle)
  • Mood Reading
  • Ebooks vs Physical Books


  • Why Worry by Set It Off
  • Golden Travie McCoy ft.Sia
  • Rhythm Inside Loïc Nottet
  • Blueberry Cheesecake
  • Tinkerbell: The Legend of the Neverbeast (I sound really mature don’t I…)
  • City of Embers

Personal Life:

Two weeks ago I finished my midterm exams and then I had a 2 week break from school. (YES!!) I feel a little more calmer now and not as stressed but the pressure isn’t gone. This school term is my last before my final exams. So the pressure is on to finish all my work within the time limit and then there are exam revision. I will no longer be on hiatus but I will not be posting every day, every week or ever month. I will post ONLY when I have an idea and the time and mindset to write it up and do it justice. Also, I bought a new bed. 😀



Any Thoughts??

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