Looking Forward To…

This month I had just enough free time between school and work that I could actually research upcoming books in 2015. The books listed below are the books I am most looking forward to. So without further ado.

September 1, 2015- The Fate of Ten – Pittacus Lore

  • The Lorien Legacy has been a very steady series for me compared other series I’ve read over the years. Some series I go from loving to slowly, slowly hating the rest of the series or vice versa. Sometimes I go from love to hate and then love and then hate again (Yeah I know I have serious mood swings.) but this series has remained constant for me. It’s kept me interested ever since book one (I Am Number Four) to the latest book The Revenge of Seven. What I love about the series is the just right mix of action, talking, deep and meaningful stuff and character development.

September 8, 2015- Devoted in Death – JD Robb

  • I am proud to say that I have read all 45 (Not counting novellas) books prior to this book. Yes, there are 45 books and more counting the novellas in the In Death series and I have read them all. I started about three years ago and I have been hooked ever since but each book is different for me. Some books I read solely for the crime, which were a lot of them, but there were books in the series I read because of the relationship between Roarke and Eve. I loved reading about a new turn in their lives or how they’ve overcome their problems and all that stuff. Also, I was really excited when I read that the main character and I share the same name.
    (Bloggers Note: Just to clear this up my name is Eve but I use Evee here because that is what most people call me :D)

September 8, 2015- The Last Star – Rick Yancey

  • This series is just soooo good. I loved The Fifth Wave. It was great start to the series and The Infinite Sea I also enjoyed. Although maybe not as much as The Fifth Wave but that doesn’t matter because I am hooked enough to need to read how it ends. The first time I saw The Fifth Wave in a bookstore I thought it was written by Rick Riordan because I only saw the Rick on the cover and was very surprised when I got home after buying it and realised it was actually Rick Yancey, who by the way is also a very good writer.

September 22, 2015- The Sleeper and The Spindle – Neil Gaiman

  • Neil Gaiman is the author of my favourite ever movie adapted book, Stardust. Sadly I haven’t read the book for Stardust. I’m sure it will also be good because if his book Graveyard Book is any indication to the goodness of Stardust then I already love  it. So when I saw this and the interesting plot around it I knew I had to read it. Sleeping Beauty and Snow White retelling with  amazing illustrations? Take my money already!!

October 6, 2015- The Sword of Summer – Rick Riordan

  • I loved the Percy Jackson Series. I also loved the Heroes of Olympus Series. I think I just love anything from Rick Riordan. In fact, I am even willing to try reading one of his adult novels that interest me. Right now to quench my need for this book to be available I am rereading the Percy Jackson and Heroes and Olympus Series and reading his Kane Chronicles series. Well, rereading it because I have tried to read the first book but I think I compared the plot and characters too much to Percy Jackson that I ended up just nit-picking and seeing things that I didn’t like about the book and its’ characters. This time around I solemnly swear to remain open minded and not compare it to his other works.

October 6, 2015- Carry On – Rainbow Rowell

  • I am so happy she decided to write their story because to be honest part of the reason why I read Fangirl was finding out what happened between Simon and Baz. Also, I was one of those people that looked up Gemma T. Leslie or tried to find the book. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy reading Eleanor & Park unlike everyone else in the world. Maybe it was because I didn’t like the ending, I don’t know. But when I read Fangirl it was just great. I could relate and I sympathised with Cath and Wren. I am excited to read how she handles the story between Simon and Baz, especially since it is a fantasy, which I am pretty sure she hasn’t done before.

November 3, 2015- Manners and Mutiny – Gail Carriger

  • I love this book series! Kick- ass girls, pretty dresses, evil plans and espionage equals perfection! I just fell in love with this since book one. I have a thing for the Victorian era and steam-punk or anything with magnificent dresses with hints of danger and kick-assery. (Not a word but I don’t care.)

Well there you go, here are the books I’m looking forward to this year.

What are you looking forward to? Tell me in the comments below đŸ˜€


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