Book nerd problems

For every book blog I find there are always posts about their hauls, meaning the books they’ve bought or received for the month. What I don’t understand is HOW?! IMG_5210

How do you they have so many books every month? I mean here in Australia a paper back costs $10-$15, maybe even more, and don’t get me started on hard covers! I think as a book lover, I have this ingrained love for hard covers because when I do buy one I worship it and before I read it I stare at it for a VERY long time… Please tell me I’m not the only one in this boat.

Anyway, moving on.

Another point is: Your family and friends must be book lovers too or understand your love for reading and books.

You know how I got that point? You are given books as gifts for birthdays or just out of the blue! Not saying anything against my family and friends but they never buy me books… Without owing them money that is Deep breath<

Okay I’m calm.

This usually gets me 3 books maybe? If there’s a sale maybe four.

Then the final point: Advanced Readers Copy or ARCs.

ARCs are given to select people, often established book bloggers, who ask for ARCs before the official release of a book. So these people get to read the books before its out on bookstores. I AM JEALOUS! So jealous that I have probably become very jelly-like… ha ha (Yeah I can’t make jokes but feel free to laugh at my pathetic attempts.) I have been researching how to get these amazing ARCs and realised it is a scary process. You have to email the publishing company for an ARC and hope to every GOD, DEITY and SPIRIT out there in the universe to give you the ultimate privilege of holding within your hands the sacred ARC of a beautiful book. If your not religious then you just do your own thing, we don’t discriminate here. So far I’ve never heard or read more like about a person having to pay for an ARC but I could be wrong because I’m not an expert on the subject, only a mere amateur.

Now that you’ve heard about my struggles, you’re probably sick of me already. Well are you? No don’t answer that. Save me of a broken heart. Anyway, enough with the drama. I hope you enjoy this and maybe I’ll post again soon. Please ignore any, actually ALL the mistakes. I am not sane at the moment.


4 thoughts on “Book nerd problems

  1. A lot of books in my haul are publisher review copies (ARCs can be pretty rare in Australia because not a lot of our publishers actually print books, so a lot of the time we have to rely on UK or US counterparts to send over ARCs, and they don’t do that very often, sadly). And a lot of them are ones I buy for myself because I have serious problems with buying books, haha. I cannot resist going into a bookstore, and coming out empty handed.

    My blogging friends buy me books for my birthday, but my family does not. They claim they’d never be able to buy me something that I don’t have because I have too many books XD

    It can be scary asking a publisher for a review copy, but ultimately it is worth it! And you never, ever have to pay. Your time and honest review is I guess the “payment” for receiving the book. I hope one day you muster up the courage to contact some of our publishers. Almost all of the ones I contacted responded kindly đŸ˜€


    1. The idea of asking for ARCs has always been appealing to me but also quite scary. Mainly because I have a tendency to sound immature and sometimes a little desperate….
      The family situation is also similar to mine. Every time I ask for books as gifts they just end up giving me the money to buy it myself. Of course I spend more money than I’m given…
      I am proud to say that I successfully walked out of a bookstore without buying a book, once… But I was forcefully removed so I’m not sure if that counts.
      Living in the country has lots of downfalls it seems. The biggest being distance. I’ve not really got too many friends who share the same affair with books and reading that I do. Everyone here seems to love sports over a quiet day reading a book.
      Thank you so much for commenting and reading my blog! It means a lotđŸ˜†


  2. I think for the most part it’s books from publishing companies and gifts from family. Some publishing companies will give out newly released books as well. I’m in the same boat, I just don’t get many books for keeps. I do get more from the library but no one really count those for book hauls.


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