Choose to be kind

I recently discovered a lovely book called Wonder by RJ Palacio. I love it so very much, for soo many reasons but right now I think I’ll just share quotes from it. ^ . ^ If you haven’t read the book read on because the quotes are just as beautiful as the book and won’t spoil anything, I think…

I do not like to dwell on the past . Life is ahead of us. If we spend too much time looking backward, we can’t see where we are going.
~ Grandmère (pg. 88)

This is from the extra Julian chapter from Julien’s Grandmère. Julian was a character I wanted to strangle throughout the entire book but his grandmother is full of wonderful wisdom and that sort of makes it better. Now I only think of wanting to strangle him…

Sometimes you don’t have to mean to hurt someone, to hurt someone.

The quote pretty much says it all, so I won’t bother. Just think about it.

When given the choice between being right and being kind. Choose kind.

I always try to keep this quote in mind. Whenever I know it is necessary I choose kind.

Here’s what I think: the only reason I’m not ordinary is that no one else sees me that way.

This is on the first chapter of Wonder, where the main character, Auggie, introduces himself. I found this really powerful and true because in our present society, as much as we say otherwise, your looks are the first thing people notice. In this book looks are a major part of how people perceive Auggie.

Have you read Wonder? If you have, what was your favourite quote?
Did you want to strangle Julian too?


Any Thoughts??

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