Artistry: A Spotlight

Artistry: A Spotlight is where I spotlight an artist that I have come across on the internet. be it a writer, photographer, painter, designer. Any kind of art that has taken my fancy! ~ Chiara { Books from a Delicate Eternity }
I thought I would something non-book related and I thought this would fun! 😀

Last year, I discovered an singer that I absolutely loved. That singer was Sam Smith at first I thought it would be one of those fleeting moments of love because of a popular song but it wasn’t. After several weeks of appreciating how beautiful his voice was in Stay With Me, I decided to find more songs by him. Thus I discovered his song Nirvana and loved it!  Before I go into more detail I’ll tell you a bit about this lovely human with an amazing voice named Sam Smith.

Sam Smith is an English singer and songwriter. He broke through the music scene with his feature on Disclosure’s song “Latch” but reached international success with his single “Stay With Me”. Ever since then he has successfully released hit songs and a very successful album In The Lonely Hour. During the 57th Annual Grammy Awards early this year he won four Grammy’s. Early last year, he revealed that he was gay and admitted his struggles with OCD, obsessive-compulsive disorder.

I adore Sam Smith because so far he has remained loyal to who he is and what he loves. He is also open about his sexuality. He deserves all the attention and praise he is receiving because his voice is just beautiful, full of emotion and soul. I don’t care if he dates men, women or both, his life and his decisions are entirely his own but no one can deny the talent that is so clear when he begins to sing.


Any Thoughts??

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