Five Reasons To: Love Winter and Cold Seasons

Five Reasons to is a meme from Books from a Delicate Eternity where you list five reasons to try and convince someone of anything.

I really, really, REALLY LOVE winter! Most people in my family, in school, in town hate the cold and practically worship summer and spring. I’m cold weather kind of person. So I am going to write about the 5 reasons why I love winter.

1. The cold weather

  • This might sound really obvious but the cold weather is the main thing I love about winter. No scorching sun or 40° C week. Heat drains my energy I don’t get anything done. I melt under the sun. Sure I love the blue skies and there are very nice days during Spring and Summer but majority of the time I’m dying because of the heat.
  • Too bad it doesn’t snow in South Australia. If it did I would just die when winter comes and it snows. 😀

2. Long Nights

  • Long nights means I stay up looking at the stars, reading under my blankets and just absorbing all the nice cold weather. This also means I am not woken up by the single ray of sunlight that gets through my blinds and wakes me up when the sun rises. It sounds so cool when you read about or watch someone waking up with the sun but for someone who loves sleep a lot, it isn’t fun at all. That ray of light can wither and die. I have an alarm and it’ll wake me up just fine!

3. Warm clothes

  • Totally contradicts my first point but I love winter clothes. You’d think since I love the cold weather I wouldn’t block it out but while I do love the cold weather I can’t walk around in shorts and singlet, so warm jackets and ugg boots it is. Fluffy sweatshirts, scarves, gloves and long pants, I am getting excited just thinking about it. Also, I get sick really easily, one time I did walk around in a just a t-shirt and shorts during winter and I got a bad cold that turned to a chest infection(bronchitis), wasn’t fun.

4. Memories

  • Apart from that one winter where I was dying of a chest infection, which by the way affects your lungs. Not like my lungs weren’t bad enough after a LOOOOONNNNGGGGG history of asthma as a child and the most terrible colds. Anyway back to the point. I also love winter because of the memories. I was born in the Philippines, in the tropical weather with storms and raining for months. Winter and autumn is the closest I can get to that ever since I moved to Australia. In the cold seasons, I remember rainy days running around in the rain with my little sisters, laughing like lunatics. Shouldn’t have done that either because I got sick all those times too… Or the delicious homemade soup my grandma would make and my sisters and I sleeping in one bed because we were scared of the thunder. Good times. We haven’t done that in years.

5. Reading

  • I love reading in general in every season, every month, every week, every day, every hour and every minute. But it seems during the cold seasons I read a whole lot more books than in the hot seasons. Maybe it has something to do with staying up all night reading, which I don’t do in spring or summer.

Well there it is. I hope I have successfully conveyed why I love winter or the cold seasons in general. Autumn is so close now only a few weeks I think. I don’t know but I am just so excited! 😀

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