Harry Potter Movies: Short Review

I have so many feelings right now but I will speak of two of these feelings.

One is: Wow that was so unreal!

It was the exact same experience from when I first saw it. Harry Potter may not be the most action packed film out there but it rates very high in terms of the story. I mean just… the umm… thing just. I can’t even. Ugh asdfghjk!!!

The other is: Now what am I going to do?

Watching the movie series meant I didn’t have to choose what movie to watch. Now I have to find a new movie series or a new TV series to sink my teeth in.

Look it isn’t a perfect or a masterpiece but it comes pretty damn close. Even I thought that some characters could have had a better actor or actress or a scene was going too slowly for my liking but it worked. Very well in fact, so don’t listen to me because my opinion is void on this topic.

Overall though I loved it. I knew I would but I had this feeling that it wouldn’t feel quite the same as the first time but it did. It definitely did. When I first saw it what fascinated me about Harry Potter was the magic, now its the people. The characters and their interactions with each other. Also the feels. I know that I did not cry when I saw Remus and Tonks dead the first time I saw Deathly Hallows Part 2. Or the fact that I didn’t quite understand the complexity of Snape’s character because the first time I saw the films I probably hated him more than Umbridge.

If you haven’t seen Harry Potter please watch it. I definitely recommend it to everyone. It may not be your cup of tea but just experience it just a little bit. Some people find it odd for others to be so hung up on movies or books or TV shows but there is no explanation for it. You like something so much that you want to tell the whole world about it and convince them that its the best damn thing ever written, filmed or invented. Well at least that’s what I feel.

Of course, I didn’t finish the movie on this day but two days ago in fact. I just couldn’t bring myself to write this review because it seems so final. Writing this seems like the end of my Harry Potter journey, its not because I have to read the books, but it feels that way. This review is so short its not even funny but the fact is I loved Harry Potter so much that trying to put into words is difficult.


Any Thoughts??

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