Re-Watching Harry Potter

The first time I saw a Harry Potter movie was when I was 11 years old a640px-Harry_Potter_wordmark.svgnd it was so good! It still is but I must admit some details are getting blurry like the things Hagrid shouldn’t have said or the list of horcruxes.

Admittedly I’ve never read the books, so now I’m re-watching the entire series as I read the books. This entire thing, event or whatever started when my Dad bought the entire DVD set of Harry Potter one weekend. Now I have the movies I just need the books. I started about a week ago. Of course, I watched the first movie Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone but because I don’t own the books I have to borrow it in my local library. IMG_5209

Here is the problem. Someone had the same idea as me because someone borrowed out the ENTIRE book series on the day I decided to borrow the 1st book. Now either I wait for the books to be returned or I buy them. Times likes these I just hate being so far away from the city and being unable to drive.

Obviously the plan is going to have to change now. Instead of watching the movie and then reading the book I am going to watch the movies then I’m going to read the books. I just realised its weird how I’m watching the movies before I read the books. Oh well, who cares I’m weird.

I always hear people saying “the books are better” or “the movies are better”. Never I love them both. Somehow I have a feeling I’ll be one of those people.


Any Thoughts??

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