Just one of those things

“Two things are infinite. The universe and human stupidity and I’m not sure about the universe.”

~ Albert Einstein

I have come across this quote several times and every time I did it struck a cord. During the occasional times that I watch the news I am really hit by the disturbing things that humans can do. Although I’m sure some of these are exaggerated it really makes me sad. Of course, that isn’t just stupidity but is also affected by greed, pride and some are just extreme radical acts.

It makes me wonder whether or not I want to see the future for our planet. Then I remember the good. Admittedly they aren’t always the very big things but the small things that make a difference in my day. Like the a brand new day, having a nice warm jacket on a cold day and making someone smile. These things can make a difference.

So while Albert Einstein may be right about human stupidity, I also believe that everything will work out somehow.


Any Thoughts??

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