Within the Looking Glass

“Within looking glass, there is a world. A world beyond your imagination. The colours are vivid and bright. The wind has a voice that sings. There is peace and harmony. Laughter is everywhere. It is the stuff of dreams.”

My names is Eve or Evee. I am a teenage girl living somewhere in South Australia. Although sometimes I like to imagine I’m in some far away magic kingdom where there’s faeries and elves…

Anyway, I love reading and I figured I’m not too bad at writing. So why put the two together write about reading, anything book related or whatever.

This is a start over. I’ve heard way too many people telling me to keep a journal of my thoughts and the events in my life. Well I can’t. I just can’t. I have tried countless of times and didn’t succeed. So I’m trying this blogging thing.
In my attempts of keeping a journal I always found myself writing snippets of stories that pop in my head. So I figured why not do that here too.

In this blog you will see reviews, snippets of my everyday life and struggles. You will read about what I love, hate and what I am obsessed with. Don’t forget my ships too.

That’s it 😀

Evee ❤


Any Thoughts??

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